HEART Team Member Rules and Responsibilities


The purpose of this agreement is to provide HEART (Humane Evacuation Animal Rescue Team) members with an outline of what their roles, responsibilities, and requirements will be while participating as a HEART member. This agreement will be in effect at trainings, meetings and deployments.


1. HEART main meetings/trainings will be held on the 3rd Wednesday of every month unless prior arrangements have been made.

- Notification will be sent via email

- Members will attend at least 5 of 8 general meetings a year (if you are unable to attend; please contact a board member and the meeting absence will be excused.)


2. Annual dues will be $30.00


3. All members will participate in at least 1 volunteer activity annually (examples: Super Pet Adoption Festival, County Fair, etc.)


4. The HEART Directory will only be used for HEART business. The directory will not be used for any political agenda or profit. The HEART website has a blog site for personal notes, etc.


5. Activation of HEART will only come from SCRAPS in accordance with Spokane County Emergency Support Function 11.


6. Only the President or Vice President will be responsible for activating members for assistance. In the absence of the President or VP another board member or HEART member will be made point of contact.


7. All media contact will be handled by the President, Vice President or by someone appointed by the board as PIO.


8. No HEART member will self-deploy!


9. Safety will be #1!

-Priority list:

  • Self

  • Team

  • Human Life

  • Animal Life

*No person shall ever risk his/her personal safety, the safety of a team member or human life in rescuing or handling an animal.


10. The following behaviors will not be tolerated while on site at a disaster, training, exercise or other HEART activity:

    a) Consumption of alcoholic beverages while on duty or any display of public drunkenness;

    b) Possession, use, or selling of any illegal drugs;

    c) Violation of any laws

    d) Public outbursts or public derogatory remarks about other organizations or individuals;

    e) Illegal use or display of a firearm; and

    d) Unwelcome, inappropriate sexual overtones and behaviors.


11. Heart identification badges shall never be used to gain access to an animal event scene or investigation without formal activation. Individuals engaged in any response without formal activation are not deemed to be working as part of HEART

-If you leave the group permanently, HEART members will surrender their badges to a board officer.


12. Members shall observe all safety rules and regulations and be familiar with the proper usage and operation of all equipment they are expected to use. Members shall identify operations that are beyond their capabilities based on their experience, training, and knowledge. Members should refuse to proceed and then notify their supervisor when faced with operations that are beyond their capabilities based on their experience, training, and knowledge, and seek appropriate alternatives or additional task supervision involving a qualified individual.


13. HEART members will be polite, courteous, and professional when representing HEART.


14. When on deployment representing HEART, members are required to be dressed in Shelter/Rescue uniform. (BDU’s, HEART shirts, Black Boots, Hat is optional.) When representing HEART at other events, only the HEART uniform shirt is required, however, entire Shelter/Rescue uniform may be worn.


15. Members must have their own personal health insurance and automobile insurance.


16. Members shall not accept personal gratuities. All inquiries of personal donations shall be directed to the Incident Commander or the donations team at the shelter.


17. Animals will not be adopted from the incident. Unauthorized removal of animals will constitute theft.


18. Accept chain of command and follow instructions as such.


19. ICS will be used in all instances and events as directed by SCRAPS.


20. No companion, foster, therapy or service animals will be allowed on deployment for any reason.


21. Individuals will comply with Washington State law regarding the humane treatment of animals. Abuse of animals, as documented by the Incident Commander, is reason for badge revocation and dismissal from the animal event or investigation.


Incident Commanders will have authority to deactivate any active responders for behavior(s) contrary to this agreement based on their discretion.







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