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Past Deployments


August 16 - 24

Stevens County, WA.  Corkscrew Fire

  • 254 miscellaneous farm animals. 

  • HEART was the lead responding 


August 6 - September 24  

Spokane Valley, WA.  Hen & Rooster Rescue

  • 39 chickens

  • HEART was the only responding organization, with 13 responders

August 8 - 7

Planned Dog Seizure

  • SCRAPS requested HEART set up a shelter for an anticipated seizure of 55 dogs. The seizure did not occur. HEART broke down the shelter.

  • HEART was the only responding organization, with 8 responders


July 6 - 7

Spokane County, WA.  Hazard Road Fire Evacuation

  • 7 animals: 2 horses and 5 goats. 

  • HEART was the only responding organization, with 6 responders

July 5 - 9

Cheney, WA.  Andrus Road Fire

  • 32 animals: 9 cows, 3 horses and 20 rabbits.

  • HEART was the only responding organization, with 9 responders 

February 12 - 27

Spokane County, WA.  SCRAPS Horse & Livestock Seizure

  • 40 animals: 24 horses, 8 cows, 4 miniature horses and 4 miniature donkeys.

  • HEART was lead on this deployment, with 19 responders, assisted by SLEET with 6 responders.



September - October: Stevens County Puppy Mill Seizure

August: Boyd's Fire, Kettle Falls, WA

July: Upriver Beacon Fire

May - June: Medical Lake Puppy Mill Seizure, Spokane, WA


September: American Humane Rescue 

Hurricane Harvey, Houston,Texas
May: Swenson Road Animal Seizure

January: ASPCA Feline Bird Flu Outbreak


November: Farm Animal Seizure

August: Yale Road Fire, Spokane, WA


November: Wind Storm Disaster, Spokane, WA


November: S. Dishman-Mica Rd Cat Seizure,

Spokane Valley, WA

September: Bunnies, Chickens, Farm Animals Seizure, Deer Park, WA


November: Deno Road Seizure #2, Spokane County, WA

July: Deno Road Seizure #1, Spokane County, WA

January: Iron Horse Seizure #2, Newman Lake WA


February: Farm Animals Seizure, Elk, WA


January: N. Idaho Rd Seizure, Spokane Valley, WA


September: Larch Rd Cats Seizure – Spokane Valley, WA

September: Labradoodle Dog Seizure, Deer Park, WA

July: Iron Horse Kennel Seizure, Newman Lake, WA


May: American Eskimo Dogs Seizure, Kennewick, WA


July: Valley View Fire, Spokane Valley, WA

Geiger Road Seizure, Spokane County, WA

Pulling dogs Seizure, Elk, WA – Month, year unknown








Wrangling llamas


Summer of 2022:

  • Williamson Road Fire Horse Evacuation

  • City of Spokane Fire Co-Located Shelter

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