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Special Considerations

Evacuating with exotic pets, horses and livestock can add additional challenges to an already stressful situation.  Having an evacuation plan and species specific emergency kits will make things run more smoothly.  Below, find some tips for your horses and livestock.

  • ID: Make sure all animals have some form of identification.  Some options are ear tags, branding, electronic identification (electronic ear tags, microchips, electronic collars), nose printing, tattooing and animal safe spray paint.  More information can be found here.

  • Transportation Plan: Identify areas where your animals may be safely housed.  Have a primary and secondary route planned out ahead of time. Ensure your animals are used to traveling in trailers and that you have experienced handlers and drivers to evacuate them.  

  • Shelter: Make sure your chosen shelter can accommodate your animals and has access to food, water and veterinary care. 

In addition to the standard Pet Emergency Kit, here are some special tips when evacuating with exotic or pocket pets:

  • Substrate: Be sure to keep an ample amount of your chosen bedding, such as newspaper, shavings, etc. 

  • Heating: If you are taking reptiles or amphibians, be sure to keep a heating source such as a heat lamp and/or heating pad with you.  Reptiles cannot regulate their body temperature and rely on external sources of heat. 

  • Evacuation cage: Most reptiles, amphibians and pocket pets need species specific cages.  Make sure you have a suitable travel cage for your pet.  Ensure the cage has proper air flow and the temperature can be regulated as these animals can be quite sensitive to environmental factors such as heat, cold and humidity. 

Here are some special things to consider for birds:

  • Cover the cage: Covering your bird's cage can make your bird feel less stressed and can provide warmth in cold weather. 

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